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After over 20 years of working with Real Estate, owner Jordan Strader has seen and felt the pain points in construction services. Jordan has performed more than 1,000 real estate transactions, 500 full home rehab flips and thousands of handyman to full home remodel projects, which has helped him & the team, to understand the value of not just quality work and materials but more the Experience.

This is when we realized the consumer needs more than just "a good job"! They need the full Experience from the very first call, to after completion.

We set about to create higher quality processes of designing a way we do things that many are not, with the main focus being open and clear communication. We want to provide not just a better job but a better experience. How can we give the highest level of quality & service with prices nearly everyone could afford.

We"re not perfect but we're on a mission, that were hoping you will come on with us, providing better care for better pricing, with the utmost experience in mind. 

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Additional Services

Gutter Cleaning & Guards


Let us climb the ladder and get our hands dirty to clean out those pesky gutters. Tired of them filling up?  We can help fix that too. Let us install gutter guards using a solid pvc cover that requires no drilling or altering of your current gutters starting at only $3.99 LF.  Call today for your Free Estimate.

Pressure/Soft Washing


Homes, business, driveways, pool decks, fences and more!  We don't mind getting a little wet and dirty just for you. We offer regular house cleaning or surface cleaning of any kind including re-sealing of any surface areas. Starting at only $99.  



Don't pay big $$ for replacing!  Let us repair and resurface for less. We can fix cracks and lots of them. Starting at only $129 service call for small to medium cracks.

Deck & Fence Repairs


Wood or Vinyl fencing?  We can fix leaning, broken or disrepair areas of fencing. Broken or rotten deck boards? Let us come replace, clean and seal to make new. Starting at only $125 + parts for basic service calls up to 1 hr, then only $49 per man hour after that or we will give you a Free Estimate per job.

Fence/Deck Cleaning & Sealing


Fence or Deck looking a little old and dirty?  With a little bit of elbow grease, some high pressure washing and new colored sealing, we can make it look brand new! Starting at $299.

Handyman Services


We can't fix everything, but if you have some home improvement needs or honey-do list, then give us a shout and will see how we can help you. We're your local handyman & renovation specialists. Basic handyman service starting at only $49 per man hour.  We can help you for less.



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