About Us


Owner-Jordan Strader

Jordan loves working with his hands. As a young man just turning 16, he started his own lawn business which grew and continued for almost 10 years while also diving into the construction and real estate industry in the midst. In 2009, he  made the full switch over to Real Estate and Construction and by 2012, he was performing full home rehabs; flipping more than 500 homes,while also having a Real Estate career.  He became the top agent in his brokerage and one of the top in the city. Jordan continues dabbling in Real Estate today while running a small construction business.


Blue Tide Exteriors

Why the name?

When thinking about what we wanted, we love the water, love the color blue and tides are up and down, yet steady like a small business. Exteriors of Home and Commercial is what we focus on, so that's how the name was born. Your local home repair guys!


Being about us means being about you!

One thing we have seen time and time again is low/no follow up, bad customer service, poor communication and follow through. Even if were not perfect, which we are not, the one thing we strive the most in is simple, good communication. Doing what we say and when we say and when we cannot duhttps://websites.godaddy.com/contact-use that due to whatever circumstance, we try our best to keep open lines of communication. Letting our clients know not only the process but the timelines is key to our success.

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