Concrete Preparation

Have you ever wanted a nice clean Concrete Floor, you don’t have to worry about replacing for decades to come? If so, then we have a solution for you. We will prepare and finish your concrete floor to last decades without any problems. Our team is experienced in preparing and finishing all types of concrete surfaces including residential and commercial floors, patios, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, garage floors etc.

You can trust our experience with the preparation process because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years now. We know how to get the best results from applying coatings on top of properly prepared surfaces that are free from cracks or other flaws.

1. Diamond Grinding

The key to a beautiful concrete floor depends upon having the right surface layer. If your concrete is uneven, with numerous pits and dents, we can help you by grinding, removing what’s called the “butter layer”. This clears away approximately 1/16th of the floor’s top layer which often was stained beyond repair in some spots. That may sound severe but this gently and steadily removes a restored layer of your unblemished concrete making it perfect for finishing with a coating or polish, giving you both smooth coverage and texture!

2. Glue/Stain Removal

Glue removed from concrete floors? We got just the thing! Nothing is more effective than removing old glue from surfaces than Diamond Grinding. You can hire us to bond a new surface over old one, or hire us to clean and restore what has already been coated over. Regardless of the goal, we will remove previous adhesives quickly and easily with our diamond grinding process or with speciality chemicals and abrasian tools.

3. Concrete Crack Repair/Epoxy Injection

In a lifetime, you’ll experience movement on just about every level: life plans are constantly changin; your brain shifts to absorb new thoughts and ideas and Your concrete surface will also move around due to temperature extremes or impact from heavy objects. When the time comes, don’t worry about replacing the concrete–we can repair these flaws with methods such as crack repair techniques, epoxy injections, leveling or resurfacing techniques in order to make cracks disappear!

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