Concrete Stains/dye


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We use a high grade industrial sealer that holds up 3-5 times longer then traditional products leaving you looking good much longer and saving you money by not having to re-coat too soon.

Paver-Brick-Concrete Sealers


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Our paver sealer is a industrial used acrylic seal that protects and seals pavers, concrete and bricks. It protects the surfaces from getting dirty and leaves it looking brand new. With LOW VOC and environmentally friendly, this high solid content clear leaves surface with a radiant, high satin sheen.

Garage floors


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Looking for an upgrade to your garage floor other then some cold, dirty floor?You can upgrade to an Epoxy flake floor. Don't be fooled by one part kits from Lowes, Home Depot or online.  Our 2- part high-industrial grade epoxy will last much longer and will stand up to chemicals and traffic 5-10 times better.

We have all types of resurfacing and coatings we perform.  It is just a matter of knowing your problem or what solution would be best.  We can help you select the best option! We can resurface just about anything; literally! However our most popular applications for doing resurfacing would be concrete applications like garages and driveways and interior applications like flooring, countertops, tub/showers and more.... 

Concrete Resurfacing


Concrete resurfacing is gaining much traction due to it's cost over full replacement.  When done right you can't even tell that it's a resurfaced concrete over a brand new pour and did we mention for a fraction of the price and less down time on work area.

Resurfacing can even be coupled with finish colors or designs, so ask us today about a possible resurface before you spend too much on replacement.

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