Renaissance Gazebos



Renaissance gazebos are characteristically open frames that generate shade to cool your patio surface, and all the people on it, even on a sultry Florida day.

They cool with the help of ample airflow, encouraged by a partially open canopy of evenly spaced aluminum slats.

At Renaissance, we make gazebos from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, far superior to rolled aluminum used by other manufacturers. Our framing components are made to fit precisely with one another. That means they not only are stronger individually, but stronger as a system.

Gazebos are the perfect solution for a backyard retreat.
Here’s a shade structure that’s at once lovely to look at and strong in the face of ferocious weather.


Gazebo Strong for the toughest conditions

 Our gazebo, the Aria Shade Trellis, can be built anywhere because it is engineered to withstand winds up to 175 mph. That’s the stringent requirement in South Florida, where Atlantic storms are strongest. So you’ll have peace of mind if your home is there; inland or farther up the Atlantic Coast, where wind requirements are lower; or off the lower Gulf coast, where hurricanes can be as strong as those off the Atlantic. 

Gazebos with Lasting Beauty

Gazebos are attractive just because of their design. The shade is created by aluminum slats on the uppermost tier of the structure. They cast partial shade — the Aria’s shade is 40 percent — in an artful pattern on the patio.