Smarter Design

The unique clip design is made to open up to accept replacement screens or new advances to the system. The clip is the most pricey part of the system; even more than the fabric.

An added feature is the patented clip system which allows it to open to receive a replacement screen with ease in the event one needs to be replaced.

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We chose to install AstroGuard due to its durability, extraordinary strength and high tolerance nylon hybrid fabric coated which is coated with a UV resistant resin. The result is a hurricane protection system that resists wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level.


Safety is a priority to us! This innovative hurricane fabric is so advanced in hurricane protection screens due to its high-level strength that it prevents impacts even while under a wind load.

Quick and Easy Deployment

This product is very light and only weighs one ounce per square yard. It is easy to install during storm time and is easy to store readily into its own storage bag. This allows you to only utilize AstroGuard when you need it. We know you care about the appearance of your residence, so only having these installed when you need it will not take away from the appearance of your home during non-storm times.


With all of AstroGuard’s advantages, you may think the price would be prohibitive. But, along with AstroGuard’s superior product technology comes superior manufacturing technology that makes it affordable. AstroGuard is a more expensive, stronger fabric than our competitors use, yet we can deliver it to our customers for less.

Full Envelope Protection

During a hurricane, most catastrophic damage happens when a window or door is blown in, causing pressurization of the home. This pressurization can rip the roof right off of the building. Prevention of this is known as “full envelope protection.” This product provides encompassing protection by easily and effectively covering all vulnerable openings: windows, doors, garages, sliders, lanai openings and more. Even if the glass breaks, AstroGuard still prevents pressurization by deflecting the wind.

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Because of its flexible nature, AstroGuard stops flying debris and projectiles more effectively than any other form of hurricane protection. Solid hurricane shutters can fail when impacted, and in many cases they are damaged or misshapen enough that a new shutter must be purchased. AstroGuard stops debris and will keep stopping it again and again to maintain the full envelope protection of your home.

Home and Business Use

Garden structures styles

AstroGuard is appropriate for both residential and commercial use.

Insurance Approved

These days, many insurance companies are requiring homeowners to install approved hurricane protection. This reduces claims to the insurance carrier and protects homeowners from storm damage. AstroGuard is fully recognized and approved by major insurance companies such as Chubb, Citizens (Florida), Fireman’s Fund, and many others.


AstroGuard won’t leave you in the dark. Its translucent nature lets light in while it is deployed over your windows, doors and lanais. Say goodbye to the “cave” feeling you get from traditional hurricane shutters.

10 Year Limited Warranty

With AstroGuard, your purchase is protected by a 10-year Limited Warranty. direct from the manufacturer.

Compact Storage

AstroGuard comes in its own storage bags and can easily be stowed in the attic, garage, or storage unit.

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