Renaissance Sun Room Additions are affordable but strong and attractive. They come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate any number of room types, from expansive family rooms to personal retreats or entryways.

What is it that your house lacks? An entertainment hub for family gatherings and parties with friends? Space for the unexpected, such as aging parents or grown children not yet on their own? Maybe just a place for the kids to play or teens to hang out? Renaissance Florida rooms can be adapted for any of those uses.

These aren't just any old patio enclosures. Our Precision Fit Frames are extra strong, and the fit is so exact - right down to screw holes - that they build faster than rooms made with more traditional technologies. Our sunrooms also cost less - up to 40 percent.

Strong Beautiful Sunrooms

You want your addition to be strong, and Renaissance aluminum structures are. Every component is made from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, and never from lesser-quality rolled aluminum. Fasteners are stainless steel. Combine those strengths with the precise fit and you have an aluminum sun room that is certified for 175 mile-per-hour winds - the highest rating in Florida. They're even engineered for Colorado snow loads - an indication of the structural integrity in every unit we manufacture.

Our solariums are attractive, and they stay that way. The finish is a heat-cured 3-mill powder coat that needs no maintenance. It doesn't crack, peel, blister, chalk or fade. You'll forget where you put your paintbrush. Styling is tasteful and never faddish, so your addition will age gracefully on your home.

The roof is made of integrated insulated aluminum panels. They block heat and rain - without leaks.

If you've held off expanding your home for any number of reasons - the cost, the inconvenience of remodeling, concern about quality - Renaissance Patio Products has a solution: aluminum Sunroom Additions.



Sun Rooms Create Space To Suit Your Needs

Not every solarium is exactly alike.

Our certified installers will guide you through the choices - window glass, window type, and size. Your choices will determine how bright your room will be. It's every bit as possible to have a wall of glass as it is to have a wall of panels with no windows at all. Some uses - family room, living room, guest room, dining room - are likely to be brighter than others - bedroom, guest room, home theater, computer room. There's no need to fear having too much or too little light.


The type of sunroom you chose depends on your needs, tastes and budget:

Acrylic Window Sun Room. An affordable choice, an acrylic window sunroom includes many features: aluminum framing, resistance to breaking, sashes that open to screens, and double panes. Acrylic windows can be removed for easier cleaning. They should be removed temporarily before hurricanes and fierce storms to help prevent damage.

Tempered Glass Sun Room. With a tempered glass sunroom, you can stay on budget with real, crystal-clear glass. It's available in many forms, again depending on your budget and needs: tinted, single or double pane and opening sashes with screens. If tempered glass does break, it is reduced to small, void pieces that protect occupants from injury. Replacement is relatively inexpensive.

Impact Glass Sun Rooms. No sunroom offers as much protection as an impact glass sunroom. The glass resists damage, even if struck by windborne debris during a hurricane. It can easily handle human error. It's available in a wide variety of forms: operating windows with screens, tinted, and double pane. In its premium form, unsurpassed impact glass, it has a solid plastic layer between two panes of impact glass. In the event of failure - highly unusual - the plastic holds the broken glass in place. It also insulates against sound and temperature.