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With over two decades in Real Estate, our founder, Jordan Strader, has intimately understood the challenges in construction services. His extensive experience, encompassing over 1,000 real estate transactions, 500 comprehensive home rehab projects, and a multitude of handyman and full-scale remodeling endeavors, has equipped Jordan and our team with a deep appreciation for not just the quality of work and materials, but the overarching customer Experience. t became clear to us that customers seek more than exemplary craftsmanship; they yearn for a holistic Experience from the initial contact through to the project's completion. Driven by this insight, we embarked on a quest to refine our processes, innovating ways of operation that set us apart. Our emphasis is on transparent and open communication. Our goal is to deliver not just superior craftsmanship but an unparalleled experience. We constantly ask ourselves: How can we offer the highest quality and service at prices accessible to most? While we acknowledge that we aren't flawless, we are on a mission—a mission we invite you to join. We strive to offer exceptional care at competitive pricing, all while keeping a top-tier experience at the forefront of our endeavors.

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Meet the Owner: Jordan Strader

Jordan Strader has a passion for hands-on work. His entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 16 when he launched his lawn care business. This venture thrived for nearly a decade, during which Jordan also ventured into the realms of construction and real estate. In 2009, he fully transitioned into the Real Estate and Construction sectors. By 2012, Jordan's expertise had grown to encompass full-scale home rehabilitations, successfully flipping over 500 homes. His real estate endeavors didn't go unnoticed as he rapidly ascended to become the leading agent in his brokerage and one of the foremost in the city. Today, while Jordan still engages in real estate, his primary focus is on managing his thriving construction business.

The Origin of Our Name

Why the name?

The inspiration behind our name, Blue Tide, is a reflection of our passions and values. We have an affinity for the water, and the color blue resonates with us deeply. Tides, with their rhythmic rise and fall, symbolize the steadiness and resilience characteristic of a dedicated small business. Our specialization lies in the exteriors of residential and commercial properties, which guided us in choosing a name that embodies both our love for the aquatic and our commitment to enduring quality. Hence, Blue Tide Exteriors was born - your go-to local experts for home and commercial repairs.

Our Commitment to You

In our journey, we've consistently encountered a lack of follow-up, subpar customer service, and inadequate communication in our industry. At Blue Tide Exteriors, we acknowledge our imperfections, but we place immense value on effective communication. Our commitment is rooted in clarity and reliability - ensuring that we deliver on our promises and maintain timelines diligently. In instances where unforeseen circumstances arise, our priority is to keep you informed every step of the way. Our goal is to provide transparency about our processes and ensure that you, our valued client, are always in the loop.

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