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Patio Roofing : You want an accommodating place in your backyard – a cool spot that coddles you after a day of work and helps your kids let off a little steam after school. You want it to welcome your company on the weekend. You want your mother-in-law to stretch out on a chaise lounge and decide, “My family is doing well.”

Oh, and you want a patio roofing that fits your budget.

Too much to ask? Not at all.

Choose the Best System for Your Needs in Patio Roofing

Renaissance Patio Products makes multiple lines of patio roofing that meet different needs and a range of budgets:

  • Modern Patio Roofing is an overachieving economy line, with contemporary looks and clean styling. Its insulated aluminum roofing panels are fully functional, preventing heat penetration, generating full shade, and casting off rain.
  • The Classic Patio Roofing brings styling up a notch – richer but tasteful, not showy, with lines that work well in any neighborhood. Decorative trusses join the styled columns and support beam. Insulated roof panels protect against heat, sun and rain.
  • Our Fresco Patio Cover keeps the patio surface dry but bright. Your home interior will be bright, too. It has the aesthetics of a pergola, but translucent polycarbonate panels fill the gaps in the overhead framing. They’re triple thickness for strength and have standing seams to prevent leaks. Fresco permits 70 percent of the sunlight to pass through but filters out 99 percent of UV rays.

You know what you’re looking for: patio roofing that tames the sun, shelters you from rain, and provides comfort while you prepare a meal on the patio and dine there.

Attractive Patio Covers & Patio Roofing that Last

Every Renaissance patio cover has:

Our patio roofing, elegant pergolas, gazebos, and insect-proof screen rooms are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds. They’re strong enough to be built anywhere . Screws and anchors are corrosion-fighting stainless steel.

Lasting beauty. The precise fit that makes our structures strong also makes them attractive. The styling is tasteful, not faddish, so it will look fresh for years. And the no-maintenance powder coat resists cracking, blistering, peeling and chalking.

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