Remember your first crush? One glimpse – even a memory – and there’s a grin on your face.

That’s how the Aria Shade Trellis is. Renaissance Patio Products made it so beautiful – in a classic sense – that you could fall for it just for its looks. You can’t help yourself. You won’t want to help yourself. And fortunately, you won’t have to, because Aria is more than beautiful. It’s easy to love.

Aria’s frame looks every bit the traditional pergola, but it is made entirely of aircraft-grade extruded aluminum. That’s strong stuff, but it can be shaped into lovely things. Aria is one of them.

Every Aria pergola has an overhead aluminum canopy that lets in lots of light, so your patio remains bright and cheerful. But it shades, too. The 40 percent shade our pergolas generate is enough to cool off the patio and the people on it, but not so much that you forget you’re outdoors.

That partly open canopy on our pergolas cools you in one other way: It promotes airflow, always welcome on a hot summer day. Heat rises – through the spaces between the overhead slats and away from you, your family and your guests.

The whole idea of a pergola is shade and open-air qualities at the same time. That’s hard to resist. After all, that’s what trees do for us. But trees have leaves that fall and branches that need pruning. An Aria pergola needs no routine maintenance. Now, that’s refreshing.

Quality Construction, Beautiful Design

Renaissance puts these qualities into every Aria Shade Trellis:

  • Classic design. Pergolas have been cooling outdoor spots for thousands of years. They don’t go out of style, which is good, since your Aria will be serving you for a long time. Our strong columns, header and trusses are tastefully decorative.
  • Durability. In the state most threatened by hurricanes, it’s good to have a patio cover engineered to withstand 175 mph winds. All the fasteners and anchors will fight corrosion because they’re stainless steel. Precise fit adds to Aria’s strength.
  • Freedom from maintenance. Aria wants you to relax, not work. Every framing member has a 3-mil powder coat that is factory applied and formulated not to crack, blister, fade or chalk. You’ll forget where your paintbrush is.
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And then, of course, there’s the beauty. Aria is stop-the-clock handsome, even. But you already know that. That explains why, as you head home in traffic to enjoy your shaded, cheerful patio, there’s the slightest, wistful grin on your face. A thought is all it takes.

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