Pool Cages


Well, why not? Pool cages can serve several purposes, other than just a big fancy screen box. Here is just a few benefits to having a enclosure:

Outdoor fountains
  • First and foremost a screen enclosure keeps out the bugs, the little guys and even the big ones. Critters, crawlers and even flying creatures alike can stay in their space while you enjoy yours!
  • They act as a safety barrier from unwanted outside guests like small kids or big critters that are looking to take an unwanted swim//visit.
  • Fence of some kind are required by law around any spa/swimming pools, so your screen enclosure can replace that while adding the extra benefits.
  • Aesthetics, home value and WOW factor are always nice as well. It doesn’t have to be just a plane simple cage, we can go for looks too with upgraded features like solid structure walls, glassed cages, ext…..
  • Cleaning-Definitely can cut down on your upkeep cost as keeping out the bugs and majority of dirt can also be an added bonus.
  • Longer swim times-With certain features like solar screen on the roof and or walls can keep extremely hot temperatures at bay, allowing you cooler water and less sun exposure while features like Florida glass, plexy or real glass can become temperature control features in the winter times.

Pool Cage Styles

Pool Cages
Pool Cages

Flat Top

Flat top is just that, a completely flat surface for the roof with walls coming straight up to desired height then turning 90% to make the roof. This is one of the least desired plans but can still serve it's purpose when necessary, usually in case with no trees around and a large two-3 story home.

Pool Cages

Mansard style

The mansard roof is the most popular screen enclosure roof. This style of roof slopes upward on all sides and has a flat, level midsection. Because of its design, the mansard seems more open than other roof styles and gives the impression of more space.

Pool Cages


Like the mansard, a dome roof creates a sense of open space. It also adds curbside appeal because of its gentle slope and architectural design.

Pool Cages


Sloped roof style usually ill show one side of the pool closest to the home/structure to be the highest point, in which will slope to the outward wall structure at a low point with the roof be sloped downward.

Pool Cages


A gable roof, also known as an A-frame roof, has two sloping sides that create a triangle. This enclosure roof complements many homes in Florida because it shares the same roof design. It can stand alone and surround a pool or attach to an open patio that has a gable.

Pool Cages


A hip roof is similar to a gable, but sloped on all sides up to a peak. This style is useful in heavily-wooded areas where there are concerns about leaves and debris accumulating on the roof.

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