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Experience the best of both worlds with our Retractable Screens. Enjoy unobstructed views when you want them and insect protection when you need it. Discover the convenience and style of our retractable screen solutions.

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What are your expectations for your sliding screen door?

It would help if you thought about what you want your sliding screen door to accomplish for you, apart from letting fresh air in and keeping pests out. We take pride in installing sliding screen doors capable of far more functionality than your average sliding screen door.

When you need it, retractable screen doors roll out, and when you don’t, they retract. The displays disappear into the background when not in use, giving you a clear, unobstructed view. Whether you have a single door or a pair of French Doors, these retractable screen doors keep the pests out while allowing fresh air.

Two retractable screen doors are put on a French Door set. There are three types of screen doors:

Retractable screen doors, standard swing screen doors, and sliding screen doors. Hinges are used to install swing screen doors. French doors are frequently paired with retractable screen doors. They may be retracted into the wall and hidden when not in use. The sliding screen door, widely utilized in sliding patio doors, is the final option. Sliding screen doors save a lot of room.

Shreveport screen door installation might include safety elements to make them more secure. You may have to pay extra for a locking handle or knob. If your Shreveport screen door installation includes a professionally fitted lockset, keyed latch, or deadbolt, you may need to purchase an additional lock. The size of the door also influences the cost of your Shreveport screen door installation.

Some also provide all-in-one kits that include everything you’ll need to replace a screen. When creating a screen that meets every purpose, you must choose those whose quality and experience are unparalleled.

Classic Slider

This sliding patio screen door is cut to the size . All door hardware is installed, including the handle and rollers. Extruded Aluminum Door Frame (Heavier than most standard roll form doors), Adjustable Steel Rollers, Pull Handle With Lock with 90 Day Warranty. Door Frame Available in Almond, Bronze And White Colors (see other doors for more color options). Optional Coastal Package makes this door ideal for coastal areas where corrosion and rust may occur.


Superior Sliding Screen Door is made of high quality extruded aluminum. It is available in several colors including white, bronze, silver, almond, tan and other custom colors. It comes with 4 adjustable steel rollers, handle with latch, and your choice of insect screen. This door is available in a coastal package which includes all stainless steel rollers and hardware. This is ideal for coastal areas and areas where rust may be an issue. Our door locks are designed to fit doors installed on the OUTSIDE of your house


Simply Stated, this is the best sliding screen door you can find. This door simply out classes the competition with its unusual strength. Designed and built to last. This quality sliding screen door is made of heavy duty extruded aluminum frame. The Hercules screen door includes 4 adjustable steel rollers, a flush mount auto latch handle with latch. All hardware and rollers have a limited lifetime warranty. Our door locks are designed to fit doors installed on the OUTSIDE of your house.

Additional Information

We all love having options, and that is just what Blue Tides does. We provide alternatives to generic sliding screen doors that you find at local home improvement stores. We not only provide a selection of multiple frame colors, but we also offer screen material alternatives that can fit your needs. However, more choices are often accompanied with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Before you start to feel frustrated with all the options that are available, think about these questions:

What do you need your sliding screen door to do for you? The first question that you must consider is what you need your sliding screen door to do for you, other than let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out. We pride ourselves in offering sliding screen doors that can provide so much more functionality than just your standard sliding screen door.

Need more energy efficiency? Solar screen can help with that. Need a screen that is aesthetically pleasing for your newly renovated home? Copper screen is a great choice! Tired of your screen door being in shreds? Pet screen will meet your needs. When you shop our online screen store, you can expect solutions to the problems and hurdles you face with your current sliding screen door. We offer a variety of screen material options.


Retractable Screen Doors roll out when you need it and retract away when you don’t. Our screens retract discreetly away when not in use giving you a clean, unobstructed view. Whether you have a Single Door or French (Double) Doors, our retractable screen doors keep the bugs out without compromising the view and allowing the fresh air in! For a French Door set, there are two retractable screen doors installed. One cassette mounted on each side of the French Door opening and are drawn together.

Genius® Milano 100 - Single Retractable Screen Door

Milano 100 Single Retractable Screen Door. Genius® Retractable Screen Doors offer the best screen solution for keeping out insects but not blocking your view. Designed to provide comfort and convenience to your home.
The Olympic retractable screen allows for natural ventilation of medium and large size openings. It’s the perfect choice for patio enclosures, gazebos, garage doors and other openings that are up to 10 feet tall and 16.5 feet wide! The motorized version comes with an easy-to-use, hand-held remote control. Open or close the screen with the touch of a button — a wonderfully convenient feature. One channel or three channel remotes available. Requires a 120 volt connection.

Genius® French Retractable Screen Door

Enjoy the beauty and details of a premium retractable screen door. Style: Milano 200 Double Retractable Screen Door. (for french door applications) Have a double door or french door? No problem.

Genius® Sierra 800 Pull Down Retractable Screen

The Genius® Sierra 800 retractable screens are the ideal solution for enclosing a Porch, Lanai, Gazebo, garage or any opening up to 192″ wide x 96″ tall.

Genius® Retractable Window Screens

Cassette Orientation: STANDARD ROLL PICTURE OR REVERSE ROLL PICTURE Genius® retractable window screens are custom made and are available to fit practically every type and size window.

Genius® ZIGZAG - The Retractable Single Screen Panel

The retractable single screen panel. This sophisticated screen design features one large viewing panel for expansive openings. - Elegant and stylish pleated screen panel - Easy touch of a finger operation - Screen opens at either end - Custom made to match the net screen opening dimension - Pre-assembled for fast and easy installation - One large screen panel fits openings up to 177" wide and 118" tall (maximum square ft per panel may apply)

Hinged Doors

Of course your normal hinged Screen doors as well with many options. Feel free to browse, or Screentight for many door options that we install.



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